Own the world's best businesses.

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A global portfolio of 10-15 quality growth
businesses for the long term



A quality, high-conviction global fund with a long-term focus. The Claremont Global strategy has funds under management of over $1bn and has delivered consistent outperformance since its founding a decade ago. We invest in some of the world’s best businesses, following our disciplined and time-tested investment process.

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As a dedicated team of global investment professionals, we draw on decades of industry experience to construct a resilient portfolio that can perform under a wide range of economic conditions. A positive team culture with no egos and open conversations are paramount for better decision-making.

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We aim to generate absolute returns of 8-12 per cent p.a over an investment cycle (5 - 7 years). Our starting point is protecting client capital. We believe rather than compromising returns, minimising losses is the foundation of a good investment outcome.

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Recent insights

Read some of our recent insights below - our approach is positioned on transparency. We believe in treating investors as partners. We make clear the source of the investment returns and honestly communicate if investments have fallen short of expectations.